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DECO-MARK started in 1999. She turned her passion for art and music into our company DECO-MARK. She managed to run this

business on a shoe string budget. Her goal is for the name DECO-MARK to become a well-known brand for our specialty, fine art.

In addition, other products in our selection would be great accessories for our fine art collection. Most of our products are sold online. 

Our founder, Cheryl Turner is also a multi-talented. As a comedian she uses "Therese" her middle name as her stage name. She is

also a singer, actress, DJ_Karah music producer, and poet.

Cheryl Turner is an ordained minister, motivational speaker, and psalm poet. She developed DECO-MARK to create jobs and low-cost

business opportunities. She also works on various projects in the community. These galleries on our webpages, displays some of our

of fine art and pattern creations. We at DECO-MARK, offer a variety of services such as branding, logo creations, banner designs and

website development. Our services are available online.

Our goal is to provide consistant service of quality and excellent. We continually update our products and technology so we can

accommodate any custom design and branding orders. Click here to find out more information.

Click here to find us locally. Furthermore, you can find performance and speaking engagements for Cheryl Turner.



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