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Cheryl An Overcomer

At one time in her life when she thought everything would be so great, she courted a man and five year later she married him. Within a short period of time, things turned for the worse. He began beating her just because she was praying in a non-threatening way. He told her she had to give up her “God” and she was to worship him. He isolated her from anyone on the outside. She knew about a job working at McDonalds. He forbit her to do so. He said, he feels she would leave him.
When the opportunity came, her God spoke to her and totally reveal to her, she will be free from the home of hell with her satanic behavior formal husband. All the details came to pass as God directed Cheryl. At this point, Cheryl was in her first trimester of her pregnancy. She knew as a mom, where she was living with her formal husband will be totally unsuited to raise a child.
Once Cheryl escaped, she managed with the help of her mom to travel five state to get freed from this very dangerous man. She was blessed with a beautiful daughter and raised her as a single mom. Cheryl was able to raise her self-esteem. She slowly began to discover her talents and recognized God’s call on her life. She joined a great ministry and quickly she was licensed as a Minister and six years later, she was ordained as a Minister. She is multitalented. Cheryl is a singer, comedian, actress, and psalm poet. She writes music and does music mix. 



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